Optical Laser Source

Challenger Optics offers both DWDM and CWDM laser sources. Laser sources can be used to verify, install and activate multi wavelength networks. The CWDM laser source can be used in Cell tower backhaul or PON networks. A DWDM source can be used in any number of core or access networks.

Trouble shoot the networks before they are active to allow for quick and easy circuit turn-up.

CO-OLS-6100 / Tuneable DWDM Laser Source
- 96/47 CHANNELS - 50/100 GHz spacing. ITU CHs 15 to 62.5
- FULL FEATURED - Touch Screen, Tuneable, Variable Power
APPLICATIONS: DWDM Network Verification – Core Networks, Fiber Deep Networks

CO-OLS-4761 / Portable CWDM Laser Source
- 8 CHANNELS - 1471nm to 1611nm @ 20nm spacing (Other channel configurations available)
- HANDHELD - Cost effective, Accurate, Li-ion Battery
APPLICATIONS: CWDM Network Verification – Loss budget, Mux configuration
APPROVED at Charter Communications